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it's no accident that our customers chose us for the conception and the production of train crash absorbers: we make them for more than a century!

Our shocks absorption systems (absorbers, tractions...), equiped with differents kinds of absorbers (rubber, elastomer, hydraulic...) are able to absorb energies from 30 to 600 kJ each, protecting chassis, and goods.

Crash buffer with high absorption system (Crash Guard, 600 KJ)

Before impact


After impact: every machined aluminium shaving has allowed to absorb a part of the impact energy.


Buffer 105C450

Able to absorb 70KJ, it is make for dangerous goods transport with an oil/rubber absorbing unit.

Draw gear

This part is made for heavy wagons and/or locomotive.


Single brake shoe

This braking part allows to keep the braking pad in place during braking.



Double brake shoe



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